Stretching Your Stories On The Screen

If you want the best friendly service, you can’t go past Stretch Productions. Stretch Productions has extensive experience in working behind and in front of the camera for a wide range of services. We love to do anything that is challenging to produce a project beyond your expectations. Stretch has an eye for detail no matter what the project entails whether it’s for a brief video or a feature length documentary.

In a past 10 years, Stretch has produced over 60 creative projects for TVC, short films, documentaries and stunning promotional videos for high class resorts in the Pacific Nations just to name a few. As a director, Brent can fulfill any job to meet your expectations. Most directors will have certain areas of passion – in Brent’s case, he loves to film Deaf people and people with disabilities from the Pacific Nations. He believes in filming these people to raise awareness on an international scale, changing lives forever.

We also offer consultancy relating to the shape of characters and discussing ways film makers are covering Deaf aspects appropriately. Brent was a professional actor in the 1990’s including a stint on Shortland Street, Plainclothes and a TVC. He was also the main character of a highly successful professional theatre show “A Spectacle of One” alongside Michael Hurst and subsequently won a spot for an acclaimed short film “I’m So Lonesome I could Cry” directed by Michael Hurst.