Pacific Nations


Stretch Productions has a profound interest to film in the Pacific Nations, in particular, relating to Deaf communities and people with disabilities. Brent has extensive experience working with Melanesian cultures. Stretch Productions has produced a documentary “The Forgotten People” filmed near Honiara, Solomon Islands.

Noel who is Deaf from Malaita, Solomon Islands stares at the director of Stretch Productions while shooting near Honiara.

Stretch has visited Melanesian countries numerous times to meet members of the Deaf community from their respective countries. In recent times, Brent is gobsmacked with the severe lack of resources for Deaf people from Melanesian countries. It had a profound impact on him and subsequently decided to do something it – filming that is! Documentaries are a powerful medium to raise awareness of the plight of Deaf people from Papua New Guinea, Solomon Island, Vanuatu and in some aspects, Fiji. Education for Deaf students is a big concern for Stretch as there is a lack of specialist human resources and expertise to effectively teach Deaf students in a classroom environment. Many Deaf children leave school after 2 or 3 years at school and simply stay home while their hearing peers go to school.

To compound the problematic issues, on a daily basis, the Melanesian Deaf community face difficulties to be able to communicate with their families and villagers. It creates a sense of isolation and a lack of participation in community activities for these people.

Stretch Productions wants to come to the rescue! We want to improve the lives of the Melanesian Deaf community and people with disabilities. Stretch wants to make a difference to these people.