Stretch Productions New Documentary 2018/2019


Miriwoong Sign Language Kununurra Kimberley Region, Western Australia

Stretch Productions New Documentary 2018/2019

Stretch Productions have some exciting news: The Mirima Dawang Woorlab-gerring Language and Culture Centre (MDWg) Board has given Stretch Productions permission to produce a documentary on Miriwoong Sign language (MwSL) and spoken language. Dr Knut J Olawsky, Senior Linguist/Manager of MGWg also green-lit my company’s proposed documentary. The purpose of filming MwSL is to promote, reserve and maintain MwSL and this documentary will align the Sketch grammar that Professor Dany Adone and the Miriwoong team started in 2014 with permission from the Board. The documentary aims to safeguard the future of MwSL and help to prevent the likelihood of it’s disappearance.

The documentary will include people who uses MwSL, their families and elders and all those directly involved in the Language Centre, including a linguist with cultural and language expertise. Brent Macpherson, Producer/Director of Stretch Productions will reside in Kununurra for approximately 4 weeks to meet relevant people and collate essential information. Professor Dany Adone will be the key person to provide me guidance and wisdom in shaping the hypothesis and exposition of the documentary. It’s likely Brent will move to Kununurra (a 50 min flight from Darwin) at the end of March or early April 2018 to carry out research duties. It’s likely it will take several months before Stretch Productions would be able to determine the shape of the documentary, the narrative arch including conflict situation and conflict expositions.

Depending on the success of receiving funds for shooting and post production costs, it would be ideal for the project to begin production the end of August 2018 when Professor Dany and her researcher Melanie Brueck are in Kununurra. They will be a valuable asset to the production team.

Stretch Productions wish to express profound gratitude to Angus MacDonald from ACN Direct in sponsoring pre production research. Without their support, this project may not proceed as pre production and research costs is extremely difficult to obtain. ACN’s website is

Photo: Brent Macpherson with Jimmy and Ingrid at Kununurra – Miriwoong Sign Language experts from Mirima Dawang Woorlab-gerring Language and Culture.