Deaf children who are fluent in New Zealand Sign Language: shooting in December 2017


The goal of this project is to widely publicise that Deaf children using NZSL can indeed lead normal lives provided the family are engaged with their child. There are limited video resources in New Zealand to highlight home dynamics of Deaf children of the ages of 8 – 13 who are fluent in NZSL. The videos will be web available for busy families.

We envision that web base resources will benefit Pakeha, Maori, and Pasifika families to become more involved with their Deaf child by highlighting key activities such as family outings, meeting extended families and interacting with deaf/hearing peers.

Once a child is diagnosed as deaf, it’s imperative parents understand that NZSL is a tool to help form a bonding relationship with the deaf child to ensure he/she has a normal life equal to their hearing peers. This resource will also benefit deaf children that live rurally who and may be struggling to come to terms with being deaf in isolation.