Stretch Productions is New Zealand’s premier
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Now in our tenth year, Stretch Productions has a solid track record of producing high-quality video for satisfied clients, for and about diverse people. We’ve done work for broadcast, online viewing, and DVDs.

We focus on diversity: investigating, documenting, and celebrating diversity in all its many forms. We work with individuals and groups of different races, nationalities, and ethnicities; abilities and disabilities; ages and genders. We work respectfully to tell stories that need and want to be told.

In addition to conveying messages about diverse people, we work to ensure those messages can be heard by diverse audiences.

Reaching a wide range of people requires the ability to work sensitively and knowledgeably between cultures to share information and viewpoints. This is one of our strengths. We work with you to help you reach your target audience and achieve your goals. We can film on-site and in-studio – whatever is most appropriate and cost-effective for your project.

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Papua New Guinea Documentary


Stretch Productions is to produce a 50 min documentary telling stories about the Deaf community, their families and Deaf education in Papua New Guinea (PNG). It will highlight how Papua New Guinea Sign Language (PNGSL) is beneficial for Deaf indigenous students to lead a life as their hearing peers once they leave school.

Core elements will include the Deaf community's passion to educate, inform and preserve PNGSL and culture and create a better way of life for themselves. We believe the documentary will create awareness to help influence PNG’s Government and aid organisations to assist in changing the Deaf community, Deaf students and their families lives.